Corporate Solution

As a total commitment to provide personalized quality service URIIC offers Risk Management Solutions through Risk Analysis, Risk Identification and Risk Reduction or Transfer Techniques under its “Corporate Solution Program” with a view to provide an optimal insurance program best suited to all types of clientele. URIIC provides “Corporate Solutions “ to its valued clients with its objective and mechanisms well defined to focus on customer service and satisfaction.
The Objective is to provide an Insurance Program best suited to the customer with value addition and flexibility to cater to the future changes and challenges for the growth of the organization.
The Methodology is a “Five Stage Process” to achieve the desired objectives Evaluating the existing insurance program Examining & obtaining of client’s organizations Determining the future insurance program Formulating an optimal insurance & risk management Servicing with a professional & personal caring touch.

What UR aims:
  • To design a tailor made insurance program that is best suited for the needs.
  • Through customization approach provide required flexibility in the insurance   protection to cater for future changes and growth.
  • To provide optimal Cost/Benefit and ease of administration.